Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 9: Your Last Kiss

Define kiss.  In another words, what type of kiss are we talking about?  My nieces and nephews give me lots of innocent kisses when I am around them.  However, something tells me that I should make this somewhat (you're not going to get much more out of me) more interesting than telling you about slobbery kisses from one-year-olds.  So, here we go (Well here is one I will fess up to anyways...I don't want anyone thinking I am a lip slut. Just remember there is a difference between being a lip slut and being easy.)

I would say my last kiss was in my car in Rexburg.  I was with a old "friend" (I am still unsure if we were just make-out buddies or dating...that shows what a bad communicator I am...but that is a whole different story.) and we had decided it was best not to be friends just a week earlier.  Anyways, I went to Rexburg to see another friend and of course ended up seeing this kid.  We had a fun weekend and of course ended up kissing more than we probably should have.  To make a long story short on my way back to Boise we decided not to be friends anymore and then I hit a dog on the interstate.   Life sucks sometimes but the important thing is that my life rocks right now...even if I haven't kissed a boy in a few weeks.

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