Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Martin's Cove: Sacred Place of Fate

Group Picture

My Family

Being Lazy

The bus trip home

The top of Independence Rock

This past weekend I had the opportunity of visiting Martin's Cove with some of the singles in my area. We left last Thursday night around 11:30 at night on a bus that would take us Independence Rock then onto Martin's Cove. All of us, very sleep deprived from less than great sleeping conditions, arrived at Independence Rock around 7:30 a.m. I realized how out of shape I was when I was climbing it and I could not have imagined pulling a handcart up that rock. Once on top of Independence Rock the view was very breathtaking. What a glorious view it had to be for so many pioneers on the Oregon Trail. After Independence Rock we went to Martin's Cove. We loaded our belongings in a handcart and started our trek. When we literally walked Martin's Cove it was a reverent walk. I couldn't help but to imagine the weak and fragile pioneers camped out there. While I was imagining I couldn't bring myself to think of them as gloomy but only to think of the children playing and the saints singing. We also got to cross the Sweetwater River. That is the river the "Valley Boys" carried so many pioneers across. We also had a chance to do a women's hike which was symbolic of the Mormon Battalion. It was hard but I gained such an appreciation for guys! I saw so many small acts of service while I was on this trip and also felt a unity among us YSA's. I can not express the feelings of gratitude I felt for these pioneers. At times in my life I have felt kind of bad because none of my ancestors, that I am aware of, made this trek. It came to me as I was walking this that although none of my ancestors did make the trek that as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints this is still my inheritance! What a sweet revelation that was! I am so glad that I was able to have this experience and gain such an appreciation for these pioneers. I know that they did marvelous things. I also know that it is our responsibility to be pioneers in our day. One of the comments made by a brother who was a member of the Martin Handcart company was, "The price we paid to become acquainted with God was a privilege to pay." I want to be able to say those same words after I face each trail in my life.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What is Happily Ever After?

One comment on my blog with my eight random facts asked me to define Happily Ever After. Does it consist of prince charming galloping in on his white horse to take you riding off into the sunset then you stay at your castle singing while he goes out and does whatever a prince does? Or maybe it consists of being a career woman who already has enough to do without the worries of true love. I don't know. I think my happily ever after has it all...career, family, friends, lazy days on the beach, traveling the world, and a prince charming somewhere in the mix. Right now I know what I would like for my happily ever after to consist of and I could plan on all these things, but life doesn't always go according to plan. Unfortunately there are always mix ups on the way. So I have concluded that I do not know exactly what my happily ever after will consist of. I only know that I am blessed enough to have my agency. Thus it is my choice on rather or not I live happily ever after. There will always be things completely out of my control like the environment and other people's actions but I can control my reactions to there actions! It is very invigorating to know that I will always have a choice even if that choice is simply rather or not I let something make me incredibly sad or if I let myself find the positive in a bad situation. So maybe I won't have the American dream of finding the love of my life, having 2.5 kids, and living in a house with a white picket fence. I could care less because no matter what life throws at me I have resolved to see God's hand in it and make the best of it. I am not saying I will never feel the feelings of despair but I will not let those feelings interfere with my happiness. There is a quote that states, "The greatest fairy tale of all is life." All together I believe that life is what you make. You literally write your own ending. With that being said I know that mine will end with these six profound words...AND SHE LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

All my life I have wanted to learn how to make bread. At our Relief Society's recipe of the month this week we learned how to make cinnamon rolls. I am sure I annoyed everyone with all my questions since I was the only sister there who had really never successfully made bread. Needless to say that I didn't let that small detail keep me from learning! Tonight I made my very first batch of cinnamon rolls and I am so very excited! I am so proud of them. I wanted to take pictures to show everyone. I think I rolled the dough to thin but lots of practice will make perfect!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Eight Random Facts

I am not going to tag anyone because I really don't even look at eight people's blogs and Renee' has already tagged everyone I know!

1. I am really addicted to The Office, especially now that I have it on DVD.
2. Taco Bell is probably my favorite fast food resturant.
3. I love when I get to sleep in past 9:00.
4. So I am a little vain...I really enjoy taking random pictures of myself.
5. I hate to dust!
6. I am a huge daydreamer.
7. I only take medicine if I feel like I am on my death bed.
8. All I really want to do is to live happily ever!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Learning to be Social

I have officially cut back my hours at work. The reasoning behind this is that I have decided that I need to be a lot more social. This week I have attended three singles activities and I am enjoying them. I really feel like I am learning a lot of interesting facts about people and begining to feel more comfortable and make new friends. I think my outlook might have somewhat of an impact too. I figured I could only blame myself for my lack of socializing and not putting myself out there to make new friends. I am really excited that I am making these choices. Tonight we had a bar-b-que potluck. I really enjoyed it. We had sack races, stick pulling, and ultimate frisbee. What make it even better is that I won out of the girls sack racing (well I think I did anyways) and at stick pulling. My team also won at ultimate frisbee. I am a pretty aggressive player at times. I am so glad to truly be able to say that I enjoyed myself. I plan on continuing in my participation. Wish me luck!