Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A visit to the South

The past week I had the opportunity to go home to the south and visit. It was a very fun experience for me. I went home and one of the first things I noticed was the tall, green oak trees. I was excited when I first saw them and all the green from the plane. It was nice to see some old friends from church. I spent some time with Renee' and her family. It was hard to believe how much her children had grown in the past few months. It was a pleasure to go to Ginny's Kindergarden graduation. I also went on a date or two while I was back home. That was an experience all in itself. One of my favorite activities was going fishing with Seth and Renee's girls. Aubree caught a little 2-3 pound bass all by herself. I must confess I took a picture with it so I could pretend like I caught it. Guess I just ruined that one but I know Aubree would call me out if I didn't confess my little plot. I forgot how much my family liked to eat out. I feel like I ate out a ton. I am not use to that anymore. I got to see some of dad's family at a get together and that was nice. Seth was a little scared of our cousin Stephen. Daddy said that Seth doesn't have that much country in him because he would not touch a worm when we went fishing. The lake was beautiful! I also loved smelling all the fragrances in TN air such as honeysuckle. I love the taste of honeysuckle as well. I don't think I had any really significan experiences back home but somehow I fell like I learned a little more about myself and what I want in life during my short vacation. I am always open for any learning! I am posting some pics from the visit. Enjoy!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Puppies, Lizards, Mice, Birds, and Fish

For those of you who don't know, last Sunday my brother and sister-in-law got a puppy. He is absolutely adorable and I really enjoy playing with him. I took advantage of having the day off today, to prepare for my trip of course, and took the kids to Petco to get some puppy treats. We get there and they love the puppy buffet. The treats look similar to human treats. We got the puppy treats and then Seth spotted the furry mice and ferrets. The kids were so excited. We also looked at turtles, snakes, lizards, and even a spider. Strangly I think it would be fun and exciting to have a pet spider. I am pretty sure that Mike and Amy would both disagree with that. However I am sure a spider would be low maintenance, which is what a work-a-holic needs. Sydney saw the fish. At first the kids were excited to see Nemo and Dori but then Sydney said the fish started to scare her. Weird kid...she was fine with the snakes but not with the fist! The kids also loved looking at the colorful birds. The looks of excitement on their faces was classic. We also picked to dog up a toy hot dog and a raw hide bone. We went to check out and I snapped a doggy animal cracker in half for the puppy and gave a piece to both Sydney and Seth to feed the puppy while I was paying. I looked back and Syndey was trying to eat the half I gave her. I had to explain that the cookie was a puppy cookie. We went to Fiesta Ole' to get tacos after the pet store and Sydney kept asking for a cookie after that! It was fun. There ya go...That's my day. I guess it is time for me to finish getting ready to fly to TN tomorrow.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Food Storage

My worries about the economy are ever increasing. I feel like another depression could come. I love food. Due to these facts I started a food storage this month. It's nothing to great but it is enough to get me started. I have noodles, can veggies and fruits, rice, beans, spices, kool aid, jell-o, oil, and even seeds to plant a garden if I had to. I know I still need to get some flour, water cleansing tablets, and other what nots but I feel pretty good about getting it all started. I hope I keep it up! Anyways here are a few pics of what I have for now.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Candy Store

For those of you who don't know...I work at a candy store. This is fabulous. I love eating all the yummy treats. Today we had an open house there for the owner's new baby. She is beautiful. I really do love kids. They can bug ya but be so cute while doing it. It is amazing how much they can teach ya. Anways, the new baby is spoiled. She had a three tier cake and lots of treats to go with it. I took a few pics today and thought it would be fun to post one of me and my manager so all ya'll can see what type of people I get to work with. Enjoy!