Sunday, June 21, 2009

I have been blessed

I have been blessed with the privilege to associate with some of the greatest people on the face of the Earth. These people have taught me so many lessons about life and love. The people I am talking about is my family. Because today is fathers day, I was initially thinking about my dad and the other fathers I know in my life. They display so many qualities that I find amazing and hope to find in my husband one day. I also look at my nephews and think of what great fathers they will be one day. Especially Seth because he is a little older and his personality is really shining through right now. I am sure Will will be an amazing dad too. However, it would be unjust of me to leave everyone that has influenced my life out. Everyone in my family has seriously greatly impacted my life. Rather it be the choices I have decided to make or the opinions I have formed over time. They each bring something unique to our family
Mom brings fun and excitement into our lives. She has always wanted to do special things for us children. I can remember mom taking me to Los Portalas for my very first time. I was in 3rd grade and she took me out of school early for my birthday. Mamaw and Papaw meet us there. Mom always loved to surprise and take us out of school early. I loved when the secretary would come over the intercom and ask my teacher to send me to the office so I could be dismissed early.
Dad has always been frugal. He loves his children though and shows it. Dad is probably one of the smartest people I know. I admire his ongoing quest for knowledge. He is always learning about something. He never went to college, but can do more things than I could. I remember being so frustrated growing up because he thought he was a doctor, lawyer, and everything else. Now I know that he really oculd have been any of the above. Dad really does deserve to wear a cape with a "S" on it because he will always be a super hero in my eyes.
Renee' is such a hard worker. She is caring and giving. I think all of us have always seen her as a little mother. I remember her working at Taco Bell. One year she even helped buy Christmas with her income. I will not forget all the small things she did for us kids while growing up. I also think it was Renee' who talked mom into letting us get our first house dog, Chase.
Jake is Renee's husband. He loves his family. Jake is really good with Ginny, Aubree, and Will. I don't think Renee' could have found a better match. Jake also pursued his dream to be a school teacher instead of working for his family. I think that would be a difficult decision to make and I respect him for making it.
Mike, I never thought I would think as much of Mike as I do now. I probably wouldn't if I didn't have the opportunity to stay with him and his family for a year. Mike is a great dad and provider. He will do whatever it takes to provide for his family. I respect that a lot. Mike is also very rational and practical. I know that he will give good advice.
Amy is honest. I know if I want the truth, she will give it to me. I am glad she is comfortable enough with her in-laws to do this. Mike and Amy are very compatible with each other. Amy also finished school after having a child. I know this had to be difficult. It is a sure sign of character that she did so.
Sandra was one of my best friends growing up. We shared a room that now holds many memories and secrets. I always admired Sandra and she was cool enough to let me hang out with her and her friends sometimes. She would make me feel included. We have our disagreements a lot now, but somehow manage to stay great friends. I am excited to see Sandra in a few weeks. We are the only two single people left in the family, so we have to stick together. Because we are single, we can express our frustrations. I know she understands how I feel a lot and I can somewhat comprehend how she feels. I say somewhat, because she is older than me and that makes a difference. She reminds me of this at times.
James is fun and playful. He is a people person and people flock to him. James is probably the main person who got me into soccer, even though Mike played too. I wanted to make him proud when I played because he was such an amazing player. I remember how popular James was in school but he still talked to the Developmentally Delayed kids. James has a huge heart even if he does look like a jock!
Kara Jo is a good mom. Elle is always fixed up and looks cute. I haven't gotten the opportunity to know her that well though. Lately, she seems to be a domesticated. I know it has to be hard for Kara to have a husband in school and to be a mom as well. Yet, she seems to do it all gracefully.
Charity is my roommate this semester. We do get frustrated with each other at times but she is still one of my best friends. I am sad she will be moving to Boise this semester and almost resent her fiance for taking her away from me. Charity displays a positive attitude about so many things. Even when she was paralyzed she smiled. She finds a way to shine, even when shining seems impossible to do.
I really do love my family and wish there was a national holiday for every member of my family. Because there isn't, I will have to celebrate each of them every day to compensate.