Monday, April 25, 2011

Student Teaching...The First Weeks

So, sometimes I believe that my students think I am an alien. Communicating with six year old children is hard. They don't understand my vocabulary and I don't know how to break the words I am using down to mean anything simpler. However, I have had some gratifying moments. Here they are:

Student: What grade is Miss Eaton teaching next year?
Teacher: I don't know.
Student: I hope she teaches second grade so she can be my teacher.

Teacher: What time do you wake up in the morning?
Student: Whenever I hear a noise?

Student looking at a book about the solar system
Teacher: Do you enjoy looking at the planets?
Student: I am just looking for heaven. Is it on this map?

Teacher dismisses girls and then boys
Boy One (disgruntled): Why are the boys always last?
Boy Two: Because ladies go first.

These are just a few stories from the top of my head. I am continuously learning new things about six year old children and hope I can figure them out before the end of the semester comes. My evaluation scores are not where I would like them to be but I am still learning. My teacher tells me that I am where I need to be as a student teacher but low scores for an over achiever are hard. I know that I am still growing as a teacher and I have already started to work out some of my kinks.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Life After Graduation

I have been away from Rexburg for a week and I miss it so very much. I started my student teaching on Monday. I interviewed and did orientation most of the day. I also decided to explore Meridian. It is a nice town and I like it a lot. I have a feeling it will be difficult for me to leave this city when June comes. The weather is so much nicer. I met my students on Tuesday. They are such a wonderful group of munchkins. I already love each of them so much and they seem to enjoy having another teacher around. I hope I am using the knowledge I gained in my past four years of college like my teachers planned on me using it...appropriately.

I also realize that graduating from college means that I have to have courage. No one ever prepares for all of the post graduation decisions you have to make. I feel like no decision is the best decision and I just have to make one and go with it. So, I am starting the application process for some schools in TN. I don't want to leave Idaho but I have to be brave and move on to new adventures. Am I doing the right thing? Only time will tell.

Friday, April 8, 2011


Well, the time has come. Today has been a busy day. I've packed all my belongings and they are being transported home. It is amazing to look at your life and see how little you really possess. These past few years in Southeastern Idaho have been amazing. It is very difficult for me to leave and I feel like I have been an emotional wreck today. Yet, I know that it is essential for me to leave in order to continue progressing in life.

Speaking of life...It is amazing how it rarely works out the way you plan. This is definitely not how I saw my life going 15 years ago. Not that I am not okay with my life and I don't love life the majority of the time, but I can not sit and read my journals from adolescent and not mourn my old dreams. Yet, my new dreams aren't too shabby. Yes, I still want a lot of the things I wanted when I was younger. However, my dreams have matured as I have matured and I realize that things happen in their own time.

As far as my plans go for now, it looks like I going to be student teaching and then moving back to Tennessee. Oh, how I love the South! It is in my blood. I love sitting on the porch swing, smelling the sweet honeysuckle in the air, looking at the bright stars, and listening to soft song of the crickets. I am probably romanticizing home a little (or a lot) too much but if I don't, I will not go back.

The majority of my family is also in Tennessee. I love my brothers, sisters, in-laws, and nieces and nephews out that way. They are all great people. There is not doubt that I will find opportunities to love and receive love when I go home.

So, Rexburg, I mourn leaving you; Boise, I am excited to meet you, and Tennessee, we will meet again soon. Wish me luck!