Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Snizard...A Reptile Story

If you know anything about me you know that I am absolutely petrified of snakes.  I don't watch them on t.v. and my heart temporally stops beating when I see one in real life, even if I am in a car and it is outside.  I avoid the amphibian exhibit at the zoo just to avoid the temporary paralysis that comes with it after seeing unnaturally large snakes in cages.  With that being said, I have a story to tell.

Being a tomboy has its perks.  It is fun being about to hang out with the guys but then being able to dress and act like a lady as well.  The downfall of being a tomboy is when there are no boys around to do a boy's job...like killing spiders, lifting heavy things, or catching strange animals.  Tonight, I knew I was going to have to put on my tomboy boots when I heard my mom frantically call out my name.

I went to the back room and she asked, "What is that?"  I looked on the curtain to see a four legged reptile.  It had a long, slinky body (it was probably only about 6 inches but in my head it was 60 inches) and a thin tongue that whipped back and forth.  It was probably half snake and half lizard, thus I am calling it a snizard.

I bravely approached the curtain it was on and went to grab it.  My heart was racing as I reached on my hand.  I trapped it in the curtain it was on thinking I was victorious and went to grab it.  The snizard out thought me and jumped into the toy chest!  I tried to catch it again but it wiggled its way in between dolls, Legos, and toy cars.  I had to empty the toy chest.  Finally, it was me, the snizard, and the chest.  The snizard tried climbing out and failed.  His body looked as if it were seizing.  I was victorious.  I grabbed the snizard and held it for about half a second before it opened it gigantic mouth and tried to bite me!  I am pretty sure it's mouth opened up wide enough to take off my thumb.  In self defense I threw it across the room and let out a piercing yelp!

Lucky for me the snizard landed right back in the toy box.  I took it outside and emptied out the box.  I valued my thumb too much to try catching it again.  Yes, another squeal did escape my mouth as it fell out of the box and into the yard.

The snizard is probably still waiting outside for me with a vengeance.  Still, for now, victory is mine. I beat the snizard!

(This isn't the actual snizard but this is pretty close to what he looked like. This is a random pic someone took of another snizard in Jackson.)