Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall in Rexburg

Well there are a few things that I am excited about. The first thing I am way excited about is that it is fall which consequently leads the the next thing I am excited about. That being that my semester is half way finished. I went on a walk today and I couldn't help but notice how beautiful it was outside. The weather was perfect. It was warm with a nice breeze. I love the outdoors. I especially love lying on the grass and feeling the wind. I don't always love the wind especially when I spend a long time on my hair or if I am in a skirt that the wind can blow up and my arms are too full to hold it down! I walked up to the temple and just laid in the grass while I studied. It was so peaceful. On my way home I walked the the gardens on campus. They are so beautiful. The leaves are changing colors and falling from the trees. Many of the leaves are a fiery red. I love it. I also passed by a willow tree. I think willow trees are probably my favorite trees because they remind me of one that was in my Mamaw and Papaw's yard while I was growing up. I love them. Seeing the tree brought back many childhood memories. I think I could truly argue that fall is probably my favorite season!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sweet Prayers

I recently heard a prayer offered by a very humble child. If I were to ever be faced with the challenges this child had to face I would probably be very bitter. As I watched this child get down on his knees and fold his arms I was already very humbled. How often do we actually get on our knees when we talk to our Heavenly Father? It is often easier to say, "I am tired I can say my prayers while lying down in bed." We forget that it is our Heavenly Father we need to thank for the opportunity we have to lie in a bed and allow our bodies to feel the comfort it offers after a long day. His prayer almost brought be to tears due to his sincerity and simplicity. One thing I noticed was that he didn't ask for Heavenly Father to change his situation he just expressed gratitude for several things in his life. Things that I though he should be bitter over! I am glad I got to hear that innocent prayer because it helped me to better understand what is is meant when we are commanded to become like little children. Often we overlook things that we should be grateful for and concentrate on what could be better in our lives. I think I am going to try to become more childlike and focus on the things I have and try to forget about our things could be better. I will still try to constantly improve myself but I am not going to focus on the negative. I should indeed be grateful for all the blessings Heavenly Father has abundantly poured upon me and continues to pour upon me. I think being childlike is really the key to happiness. How many of us can look back at when we were children and say we were miserable. When I look back at when I was younger I see a girl who enjoyed the simple things in life and didn't need a new car, a fancy piece of jewelry, and ipod, etc to make her happy. I just needed the simple things like five extra minutes to play with puppies as they licked my face and I felt wind blowing through my hair. It was the simple things like sleep overs with my sisters under "tents" we built using sheets, encyclopedias, and vents blowing up cool air that brought smiles to my face! If we can remember how to let the simple things in life bring us happiness once again our lives will be filled with incomprehensible joy. After all, "Life is to enjoyed, not just endured."