Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Week

The crowd at the concert
Jack Johnson

This has been an incredibly amazing week for me.  On Sunday I left for Utah and spent the night in Logan.  Then on Monday I headed to Salt Lake City for a Jack Johnson concert!  He is such an amazing artist.  I really enjoyed just laying on the lawn and soaking up the sunshine before the concert began. It was a real mellow concert and I enjoyed it a ton.  When I got home on Tuesday I had an acceptance e-mail from BYU-I.  So Wednesday I spent most of my day up in Rexburg trying to figure things out.  I am still working on a lot of things but I did register for some night classes.  I had to petition to move up there early and I haven't heard if it was approved or not.  I am also waiting to hear back about student loans.  It is hard to believe things are happening so fast but I am glad they are.  Anyways I will keep everyone posted!  Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am...a little crazy!
I think... it snows way to much in Idaho
I know... pretty much everything there is to know.
I want... to always be happy.
I wish... prince charming would hurry up and find me!
I hate... rude people.
I miss... my family in TN
I fear... the unknown
I feel... confused...most of the time anyways.
I hear... only what I want to hear.
I smell... my wallflower air freshener.
I search... the scriptures.
I wonder... way too much.
I regret... nothing.
I love... everyone.
I care... about things I might say I don't care about.
I always... sleep with covers.
I am not... going to fall asleep at work tonight.
I believe... in love.
I dance... like no one is watching...really I am that bad!
I sing... loud and offbeat!
I don't always... eat healthy.
I write... my dreams for the future....dreams can come true!
I win... at everything!
I lose... my patience when I am tired or stressed.
I never... well...I will do anything once so I really can't say never.
I listen... to others.
I'm scared of... the unknown.
I read... all the time!
I am happy about... possibilities that my life holds.

I tag...YOU.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Willy Wonka...Idaho Falls Style

At the candy store we have new machines.  We are very excited about these machines because they will eventually dip all of our candies for us!  The problem is that we haven't completely figured them all out yet.  This morning I had the opportunity to play in one and I enjoyed it a ton.  As I was unclogging it my hand became covered in chocolate.  I joked that most people dreamed of the day that they could be covered in chocolate.  Before you ask, no I didn't lick my hand after I was finished only because it was milk chocolate and not dark chocolate I was playing in!  Anyways I took some pictures because getting to be elbow deep in chocolate is probably a once in a lifetime experience!