Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Week

The crowd at the concert
Jack Johnson

This has been an incredibly amazing week for me.  On Sunday I left for Utah and spent the night in Logan.  Then on Monday I headed to Salt Lake City for a Jack Johnson concert!  He is such an amazing artist.  I really enjoyed just laying on the lawn and soaking up the sunshine before the concert began. It was a real mellow concert and I enjoyed it a ton.  When I got home on Tuesday I had an acceptance e-mail from BYU-I.  So Wednesday I spent most of my day up in Rexburg trying to figure things out.  I am still working on a lot of things but I did register for some night classes.  I had to petition to move up there early and I haven't heard if it was approved or not.  I am also waiting to hear back about student loans.  It is hard to believe things are happening so fast but I am glad they are.  Anyways I will keep everyone posted!  Wish me luck!


Sandra said...

Congrats, I'm glad life is working out for you. Amazingly enough, it always does. Love you!

Scottie said...

Good luck!

Renee and Jake said...

Yeah!!! Will you be in the nursing program. Everything works out.

E said...

Becky, How are you!! I totally found your blog blog hopping from Brittany Terry's blog! you are still just as adorable as always. This is Erica (Spurlock) Snow by the way:)