Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Life as I know it

I am pretty sure this isn't my first blog with this title. However, I haven't blogged in a few weeks and I am beginning to feel guilty. I feel like like if crazy busy. I look at the clock each night and wonder where my day went. For those of you who are looking for an update on my life here you go.

I am in a Music Methods class. I hate it. However, today in my psychology class I became a case study. One thing that I can do to better myself in this class is come up with a goal, plan, and a positive attitude. So, I am going to work on that. I have to convince myself that I can do something before my efforts are manifest to others. Yes, I am still getting tutored weekly for this class. I am going to take full advantage of it.

I mentioned I am in a psychology class. I absolutely love it. My teacher is great. I really enjoy waking up and going to class the days I have this class. I feel good when I leave the class. I am also reading Boys Adrift for the class. It is a great book. I am gaining wonderful insights.

I am in a P.E. class this semester as well. I like the class. I wake up sore every morning after class. I miss being in shape. This class has motivated me to try to exercise more. I am also working on a physical wellness plan for my family foundations class. I am running some at night. I don't know how long it will last with the weather starting to change. (It snowed this morning!) However, I have another friend teaching a cycling class that I want to try to go to weekly.

Family Foundations is a good class. I am learning a ton about Heavenly Father and his plan for me. I thought this class would be a waste of time, but it isn't. There are a ton of hidden messages in the Proclamation and wonderful talks given by general authorities to support it.

I am in a writing class as well. This class is aimed towards elementary education majors. I am enjoying it. I read a few children's books this week and enjoyed them. I like short children's novels. They restore your inner child and rejuvenate your imagination. I have to do a ton of writing for the class but I don't mind. I enjoy writing. I am also building my library of children's books. It is an addiction.

I am in a Geology class as well. I was unaware about how clueless I am about the world around me and how it works. My simple questions, like why the sky is blue, are being answered. I enjoy learning about the world. I am glad I have the chance to do so. I also discovered how much I hate labeling maps because of this class. I'll leave map-making to the professionals.

So those are my classes. I also went to devotional yesterday and it was amazing. The speaker talked about God's arms of Mercy, Love, and Strength. He made so many good points. I really did enjoy devotional and I think I will try to go to them more frequently.

So, in short, I am just living life. When something bad happens I tell myself, "It's only life." and then I listen to the song. Life has its ups and downs but I am going to try to be more positive and focus on the ups. When I have a terrible, horrible, no good, bad day I will just think to myself, "It's only life." Then I will make the next day a gazillion times better.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Marriage doesn't equal Maturity

I absolutely, positively despise when people think that just because someone is married they are more mature or reliable. Single people shouldn't be discriminated against. Did you know that single people are less likely to get a job over a married person? The reason is that single people are deemed unreliable. I see other ways single people are discriminated against. Watch how a server treats a married couple at a restaurant compared to single people. At church, they rarely give single people callings in presidencies or whatnot. They are usually called as committee members or primary teachers. The excuse is that they are young and energetic. Why do people deny single people opportunities? However, I really hate when someone younger than you thinks they are more mature just because they are married. It is like they believe that saying "I do" is like having someone sprinkle a magically dust over them that makes them so mature and a homemaker. Married people will deny that they think that they are more mature than single people. But they think it. Very few can honestly deny this fact. They will say that they have experienced more because they are married and blah, blah, blah. It doesn't matter that single people have different experiences that allow the same amount of growth to them. Married people have a difficult time thinking outside of the box. They think that to grow, you need to have the same, or similar, experiences they have had. My opportunities and experiences for growth are presented in totally different ways. I really do think that some married people are full of themselves. It irritates me. Marriage can not compensate for maturity. I wish young, married people realized this.

I also hate how married people think that activities that single people do are "lame." Especially when the married people did the same activities. I don't understand where they are coming from.

Married people also loose their identity sometimes. They become obsessed with things they didn't even care about before. I understand someone trying to become interested in something to please their spouse. However, interest and obsession are two different things.
It also irritates me how some married people will complain about having no friends. Have they considered the fact that they only want to be with their spouse? They only want friends with it is convenient for them! When I say convenient, I mean when their spouse is at work or out of town. Maybe I am just venting because of a bad experience I had today. No telling. I think I am done with young married people for a while. I honestly don't have time for people who only want to be my friend when it is convenient for them.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Back to School!

I started a brand new semester of school this week. I am beginning to think that I will never ever finish school. Anyways, I am in a required music class. I am not musically talented and my teacher is a nazi. I have to learn all my notes, scales, and any other musical thing for this class on top of everything else. The bad thing is that I am the only one in the class with absolutely no musical talent. Come on...I don't even have rhythm. It is possible I could fail my very first college course.
I am loving my new roommates. They are so fun! It is hard for me to get any work done because I just want to hang out and talk to them. We are all going to see Colbie Caillat in Salt Lake on October 2. It is going to be such a fun concert. Howie Day is opening the concert.
Tonight I went to see Rodney Atkins at the fair. It was fun. I went with a roommate and her sister. They sat in the grandstand and I stood in front of the stage. I got to meet a few new people. I was proud that I still got up and got to be crazy. It really did open the door to me meeting the fun people I met tonight.
This is going to be my semester. I can feel in my bones...or think I can at least. I know it is going to be a lot of work, but I have a good feeling about it. We will see how my music class goes. That is my biggest fear at this point. Wish me luck with life.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A few pics

Syd started dance. I think I might be just a little more excited about it than she is. I never got to take dance, and I think I secretly might have wanted to. So, I wanted to make her a tutu. This was was going to originally be mine, but it was a bit harder to make than I thought it would be. So, I made it her size. I eventually made me one to, once I figured out the easier way to tie the tull. She is such a princess!
I also enjoy having Syd over for sleepovers. I have to be the cool aunt as long as she'll let me. We usually just watch a movie and paint our toes when she comes over. It is so much fun. I wish she would never grow out of the fun phase she is in. However, I know one day I will just he be old, lame aunt. This is a pic of Syd fresh out of the shower. Even with her hair messed up, she still looks cute!
Ginny got glasses this year. She is adorable in them. When I went home to TN, I had to take a picture of us together with our glasses on. Ginny is such a ray of sunshine! She is also very smart and looks it with her glasses on.

I wish I had more pics of all my nieces and nephews to write about. I love the all a ton and am so blessed to have such wonderful kids in my life.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

All About Becky...

So, I saw a movie, All About Steve, this weekend and I enjoyed it. As I watched it, I realized I was the main girl. I was Mary. The scared me. The last quote in the movie was, "If you love someone set them free. If you have to stalk them, they were never yours to begin with." How true is that? Sadly, I am a stalker. Yes, I'll admit it. I am not a creepy one though. Just the type that occasionally looks at a facebook page or drives by your house to see if your home. Ok...maybe I am a little creepy. However, it bothers me that I am still alone. Yep, no boys in Becky's world. This bothers me because I have always been told I am the author of my own life. If I am writing my own story, how come it isn't going the way I had planned? Why don't I have a handsome husband, a house with a white picket fence, and 2.3 kids? Surely, I would have wrote all that stuff in my story. I can only assume that the people who I would like to write into my story are also writing their own stories which contradict mine. Thus, I am single, living a college apartment, and instead of kids I get 5 roommates. Shouldn't I be past this stage in my life? I just want to write my story perfectly. Maybe right now my story in climaxing to the main parts. However, don't you hate lengthy books where the author makes you wait forever until the story reaches its peak? I do! Maybe I should just be grateful it is taking so long. It makes the downhill part a lot shorter. This is my rambling for tonight. However, since I titled this blog, "All About Becky" I am going to do a 25 1/2 year know like Amy and Kara did with Elle and Syd. It will add a little silliness to my life!
What is your favorite color?
Who is your best friend?
My sisters
What your favorite food?
Pizza or Steak
What is your favorite song?
You and I by Ingrid Michaelson
Who is your boyfriend?
I can only dream
What do you want to be when you grow up?
What do you do for fun?
What is your favorite Show?
The Office
What is your favorite ice cream?
Rocky Road
Tell me something you know?
Life is confusing

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome to September the time has passed. It feels like I was just celebrating New Year's yesterday. Three fourths of the year is over. I have completed 2/1/2 semesters of school this year and worked hundreds of hours. I can't believe everything that has happened this year. It has truly been a whirlwind. Yet, I feel the same as I did on New Year's. It is as if I have accomplished only a little in such a large amount of time. Strangely, I am ok with this. Life passes quickly. I am learning to embrace every second of it and trying to make every second the best second of my life. I have realized that changes isn't really all that sudden. It comes gradually. So, although I feel the same as I did 9 months ago, I know have I grown and changed. Hopefully for the good. I can't wait to see what changes await me in the final 3 months of 2009.