Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A few pics

Syd started dance. I think I might be just a little more excited about it than she is. I never got to take dance, and I think I secretly might have wanted to. So, I wanted to make her a tutu. This was was going to originally be mine, but it was a bit harder to make than I thought it would be. So, I made it her size. I eventually made me one to, once I figured out the easier way to tie the tull. She is such a princess!
I also enjoy having Syd over for sleepovers. I have to be the cool aunt as long as she'll let me. We usually just watch a movie and paint our toes when she comes over. It is so much fun. I wish she would never grow out of the fun phase she is in. However, I know one day I will just he be old, lame aunt. This is a pic of Syd fresh out of the shower. Even with her hair messed up, she still looks cute!
Ginny got glasses this year. She is adorable in them. When I went home to TN, I had to take a picture of us together with our glasses on. Ginny is such a ray of sunshine! She is also very smart and looks it with her glasses on.

I wish I had more pics of all my nieces and nephews to write about. I love the all a ton and am so blessed to have such wonderful kids in my life.


Sandra said...

So freakin cute. I miss sleep overs with syd. BTW, i love the tutu. I might need to know how to make one.

Renee and Jake said...

You are a FUN aunt. Love the tutu!!!! I need a copy of the pic of you and Ginny. Both in glasses and both in black.

Renee and Jake said...

I didnt know you were going to blog about it. I LOVE the tutu. you are the creative ant ive ever had. i love you. i have a email acount just to let you know. love ginny

Michael and Amy said...

Love it! MY kids really are so lucky the have some awesome aunts. I know I never thought my aunts were as awesome as you all are! Seth even wants to be a candy maker like you :) So cute!!