Saturday, September 19, 2009

Marriage doesn't equal Maturity

I absolutely, positively despise when people think that just because someone is married they are more mature or reliable. Single people shouldn't be discriminated against. Did you know that single people are less likely to get a job over a married person? The reason is that single people are deemed unreliable. I see other ways single people are discriminated against. Watch how a server treats a married couple at a restaurant compared to single people. At church, they rarely give single people callings in presidencies or whatnot. They are usually called as committee members or primary teachers. The excuse is that they are young and energetic. Why do people deny single people opportunities? However, I really hate when someone younger than you thinks they are more mature just because they are married. It is like they believe that saying "I do" is like having someone sprinkle a magically dust over them that makes them so mature and a homemaker. Married people will deny that they think that they are more mature than single people. But they think it. Very few can honestly deny this fact. They will say that they have experienced more because they are married and blah, blah, blah. It doesn't matter that single people have different experiences that allow the same amount of growth to them. Married people have a difficult time thinking outside of the box. They think that to grow, you need to have the same, or similar, experiences they have had. My opportunities and experiences for growth are presented in totally different ways. I really do think that some married people are full of themselves. It irritates me. Marriage can not compensate for maturity. I wish young, married people realized this.

I also hate how married people think that activities that single people do are "lame." Especially when the married people did the same activities. I don't understand where they are coming from.

Married people also loose their identity sometimes. They become obsessed with things they didn't even care about before. I understand someone trying to become interested in something to please their spouse. However, interest and obsession are two different things.
It also irritates me how some married people will complain about having no friends. Have they considered the fact that they only want to be with their spouse? They only want friends with it is convenient for them! When I say convenient, I mean when their spouse is at work or out of town. Maybe I am just venting because of a bad experience I had today. No telling. I think I am done with young married people for a while. I honestly don't have time for people who only want to be my friend when it is convenient for them.


Michael and Amy said...

I think maturity does come from experiencing life single or married. It's not pronounced on are heads at any time or age it is how we choose to act and respond to life situations. Thanks for coming to celebrate with Syd...she loves her nail polishes!!

Renee and Jake said...

And the dynamite stick has been lit...Love you.

Sandra said...

Becky, know that you are loved and understood. Yes life is hard and most of the time we feel misunderstood but remember everyone is fighting some kind of battle. We are all here to learn. Learn what you must and move on. Maturity doesn't come with age or with marriage, it comes from understanding, experiencing and loving. Make sure you are doing all these things. If you need to talk you can call anytime. I'll listen, I may not always agree but I will definitely respect what you have to say. Love Love Love you.

Robert and Charity said...

I really am so so so sorry that you think that and I really do love you and care for you a lot, Beck. I wish you didnt feel that way, but I cant change that. Have a great day and it was good seeing you.