Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Rap

Charity left a rap as a comment on facebook and I love it. Just wanted to share it with everyone.
My name is Becky D
All the boys dig me
I cook really good;
The way a woman should
Ive got big brown eyes,
Im not telling you lies
I define style
maybe a bit wild
I do what I do
You can call me Becky Boo

Sunday, November 1, 2009


So, I had/have a crush on this boy this semester. He is a cutie. However, as life would have it, I just discovered he likes my roommate. Then I have to wonder, "How come I always pick the wrong boys to like?" Yes, it seems like every time I get a crush on a worthwhile guy he always likes one of my friends. I remember having a crush on a boy last winter that had a crush on my little sister. The next guy had a crush on a friend. I don't think I have ever had a crush on a boy that hasn't liked one of my friends instead of me. Life kind of sucks like that. What can you do though. I guess I have to be okay with it. After all, I have to believe that those boys wouldn't be worth my time anyways. It is hard to have faith that somewhere there is someone for me when I continuously face being the unwanted girl. You know, the girl the guy likes to be "just friends" with. That is my life. I just needed to vent a little. One day, hopefully, my prince charming will find me and I'll get to have the wedding Sandra and Charity have planned for me.