Sunday, April 15, 2012


When I was little I remember going outside, stretching my arms as wide as they would go, and twirling as the wind blew on my face and laced its way through my hair.  It was days like that I loved.  As I was walking through the park tonight there was one of those perfect winds.  The stars shined brightly above me, the temperature couldn't have been better, and the smell of sweet honeysuckle filled the air.  I reminisced on my childhood days of spinning and twirling.  It was then I realized how great my life really is.

Don't get me wrong, my life is by no means perfect.  However, a good friend last week helped me change my thought process a little.  He reminded me the importance of focusing on what is right in my life and the things I want in my life instead of focusing on the things that aren't going as planned for me.  I have done that this week and I must admit that my outlook on things are getting better.  I feel like that giddy ten year old girl again who wants to dance in the rain and laugh just because she can!  Life truly is great and it is meant to be lived!  So, get out there and live it!  Forget about the things that are bringing you down and focus on things that lift you up!