Sunday, May 4, 2008

Candy Store

For those of you who don't know...I work at a candy store. This is fabulous. I love eating all the yummy treats. Today we had an open house there for the owner's new baby. She is beautiful. I really do love kids. They can bug ya but be so cute while doing it. It is amazing how much they can teach ya. Anways, the new baby is spoiled. She had a three tier cake and lots of treats to go with it. I took a few pics today and thought it would be fun to post one of me and my manager so all ya'll can see what type of people I get to work with. Enjoy!

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The Farrells said...

Hey, you look great in this picture. I do not know how you stay thin eating all the yummies. I do not work in candy store and still can shed the pounds. Love you and will see you real soon. I am glad you are coming for a bit and also bringing Seth.