Friday, June 6, 2008

Eight Random Facts

I am not going to tag anyone because I really don't even look at eight people's blogs and Renee' has already tagged everyone I know!

1. I am really addicted to The Office, especially now that I have it on DVD.
2. Taco Bell is probably my favorite fast food resturant.
3. I love when I get to sleep in past 9:00.
4. So I am a little vain...I really enjoy taking random pictures of myself.
5. I hate to dust!
6. I am a huge daydreamer.
7. I only take medicine if I feel like I am on my death bed.
8. All I really want to do is to live happily ever!


Renee and Jake said...

I loved reading your facts. It is fun to find out a little more about people.

Sandra said...

What is happy ever after. It doesn't exist!!!!!!

M. Scott said...

Happily Ever After? You will... you will.