Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 27: Talk About Your Siblings

Renee':  Renee is the little mother.  She is the oldest of all us children and definitively has a nurturing quality about her.  She is also probably one of the most opinionated of my siblings.  If you need something taken care of, Renee can get it done!  I can also honestly say that Renee' is a hard worker and a great mother as well.  She has so many great characteristics that make her an exceptional person.

Mike:  When I think of Mike I think of a level headed person.  He is really good at making business and financial decisions. This could come natural or it could be because of his secondary education.  Although I don't talk to Mike much, I know he loves his family.  I definitively believe family is important to him and that he would do anything for his siblings as long as they were doing the things they needed to be doing to help themselves.

Sandra: Sandra is the only person in my family who knows what it feels like to be me, meaning 27 and single.  She waited until she was 29 to get married and found the perfect person for her.  Sandra is kind and loving.  She can be very harshly honest and opinionated at times but I admire the fact that she isn't scared to tell you how she feels.  She really seems to be comfortable in her own skin.

James: I don't know if it is possible for someone not to like James.  He is such an easy going person.  I remember coveting his people skills when I was younger.  He is also very intelligent.  In high school he seemed to get all A's with little effort.  He is now in dental school and finishes next year.  Then, he will specialize.  He really is accomplished for his age.

Charity:  Charity is the baby of the family.  We love her and all seem to want to take care of her even though she is capable of taking care of herself.  She is a big optimist.  Like James, people are drawn to her smile and personality.  I love laughing and hanging out with Charity. 

All my siblings are great.  I feel like I can honestly say that my sisters are my best friends and I would rather hang out with them then lots of other people.  I also know that my brothers are some of the most amazing and caring men out there.  They all have very lucky spouses!

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