Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 19: Something That Never Fails to Make You Feel Better

I know I am blogging Day 18 a few hours early...but I am bored.  Forgive me.
Is there just one thing that can make someone feel better?  Here is my 5 step remedy to days that convince you that live sucks:
1) Call up a close friend and talk.
2) Meet up with that friend and eat Ben and Jerry's (Phish Food) and drink Red Bulls and complain about how other people suck and discuss how amazing I am.  We also laugh a lot during this conversation as we turn the irritating situation into a joke.
3) If the issue is caused by a boy...find another boy to randomly hook up (ncmo) with...or at least getting some kind of physical affection...even if it is just cuddling with one of my guy friends (Is this messed up?)
4) Because I begin to feel guilty about eating so much food, I go to the gym and exercise out my frustration.
5) By this time I have forgotten why I was down and can get back to normal life.

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