Friday, May 6, 2011

Train - Marry Me

I absolutely, positively love this song. Yes, it is one of the "mushiest" songs in the world, but I am a big squish no matter how much I deny it. However, the first line gets me, "Forever could never be long enough for me to feel like I've had long enough with you." I love this line because the list I made years ago in Young Women's about my perfect man/boy talked about eternities with this person not being long enough. Last semester when I was in social dance I learned how to waltz. I think it would be amazing to fall in love and waltz with the person I fell in love with to this song. However, love often seems to be more of an idea than a reality. My waltz is a little rusty now, but maybe one day I will get to waltz to the song. As for know, I will verbally deny the existence of romantic love and internally realize that I am wrong for doing so and dream of finding such great love myself. Oh, and if you are is the complete list I made. I think I was probably around 16 when I made this list.

• Look at him and truly believe he is the most beautiful person ever and see us holding hands when we are old
• Be able to sit on a swing, not say a word, and feel like we just had the best conversation ever
• Romantic, but not overly romantic
• Masculine, but still sensitive
• Brave, courageous, and crazy (He doesn’t care what other people think, he will always be himself)
• Can tell how I am feeling without me saying a word
• Can make me laugh and feel happy, whenever, no matter what the circumstances
• Strives for success
• Always smiles (optimistic)
• Funny
• Not to critical
• Righteous
• Understands my faults
• I can’t even think of imagining forever without him
• Dates are more than just dinner and a movie
• Rational thinker, but not to rational (that will stop me from being so irrational)
• The thought of him makes me smile uncontrollably
• Eternities with (loving) him still isn’t enough
• Makes me want to be a better person


AllyM said...

this may or may not of just made my day.

Jhan said...

I am also a fan of the Train 'Marry Me' song. I loved your list. I'm sure I made something like that when I was younger. I would love to find it.