Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Inspired By Ginny

Ginny is my young nine year old niece. I love her to pieces. I got an Easter basket from my family and Ginny made me a card. In the card she put some long lost advice that I, along with her other aunts, had given her when she was just a toddler (only really) as we let her drive my car in our front yard. The advice was simply, "Boys break your heart but chocolate makes it all better." I just want to thank Ginny for the reminder and remind her that the advice her aunts gave her so long ago is probably the best advice she will receive her entire life.

On another note I was listening to a song today that made me kind of bitter. Taio Cruz's song lyrics usually don't make me bitter...but today they did. I was listening to his song "Falling in Love." The lyrics suggest that "today is a great day for falling in love." Then I thought, "Liar! No day is a good day to fall in love." At first I thought that I was being cynical..but then I realize the correctness of my thoughts. You shouldn't fall in love because falling isn't a choice and I am a firm believer that love is a choice. So, Taio, your song is a lie!

Then I thought about relationships in general. I hate when relationships end. It is like having high speed internet your whole life and then one day having it taken away from you. You then realize that the slow dial up internet is better than no internet at all. Here is the analogy I am getting to. Life is full of changes you cannot help. People move. People grow. People change. So although you might have something great at one point in your life (high speed internet), say a good friend, if you like it, them, enough you don't want to do without it, them, you accept the change and settle for mere dial-up, say an acquaintance. So, I think I am just rambling at this point, but I hope you get my point.

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Ginny, loves the title and said she still remembers that,