Tuesday, May 17, 2011

27 on the 27th

Bahahahahah! I will be 27 in a one and a half weeks. As to true fashion I wanted to share 27 interesting facts about me! Here ya go!

1. I enjoy playing in the rain and splashing in mud puddles.
2. I love grilled cheese sandwiches with pepper jack cheese. Yum!
3. There are certain words that I cannot pronounce correctly no matter how hard I try.
4. Taco Bell has been one of my favorite places to eat since I was a young child.
5. I feel like I talk about myself way too much....like giving you 27 random facts....
6. I am not smarter than a 5th grader.
7. Sometimes I wear boys' deodorant because I love the smell of it.
8. I am working on how to learn to relax.
9. I struggle with not making impulsive, expensive purchases.
10. I bit my nails until I was 21 years old.
11. My parents are my role models.
12. Swings make me nauseous.
13. I think the simplicity of life is what makes life wonderful.
14. I put my hand on a screw every time I go over a railroad track and wish for eternal happiness.
15. No matter what you wish to believe, I really am shy.
16. I still pick my nose.....shhhh.....
17. I would do anything in the world for the people I love.
18. I have the stinkiest feet in the world....only really.
19. I only cry in front of my closest friends...I don't think others should ever see me so vulnerable.
20. I let myself dream way too much at times.
21. My dream car is a Jeep Wrangler.
22. I am sentimental and try to keep everything that has meaning to it.
23. I am not photogenic.
24. I constantly worry about my weight.
25. I am insecure.
26. I won't be your friend unless I think it will help make me a better person.
27. If I had one more day to live, I still wouldn't want to know.


Sandra and Brent said...

Ha, I love it. I forgot this is your golden birthday!

kiu said...