Friday, May 28, 2010

The Birthday!

I had a birthday celebration yesterday, and it was pretty much amazing! I started celebrating on my birthday eve. My roommates and I went to get late night ice cream. We had a fun car ride filled with music from various musicals and Disney movies. We initially went to Wendy's, but they had closed. It was off to Dairy Queen we went. I was so excited! Everything was birthday eve stuff. I had birthday eve ice cream and water. My order number was 45. I was so out of it. This kid asked me if I was 45 and I replied, "Almost." He was talking about my number, not my age.

After a crazy Dairy Queen trip, I went to pick up some papers from our guy friends. They took forever printing them off. It was fun playing with those kids for a few minutes.

We made it home! How else do you bring in a birthday besides a dance party? We all (roommates and I) put on fun dresses and danced until midnight. At midnight we toasted 26 years of Becky's life with sparkling cider. It was definitely a fun night.

I woke up on my birthday to a door decorated with balloons and ribbons. When I walked into the living area to thank my roommates for such a pleasant surprise, I found it was filled with balloons and ribbons as well. I loved it and could not stop smiling.

I had to go to school. I wasn't skipping. After class, I went to work on a project, but the girl that I was working on it with and I could not figure it out. Charity had invited me to go to the temple with her, so I went. It was nice. The ladies at the temple were so funny. I am glad that Charity invited me. What a great way to show thanks for life!

After the temple, Charity took me to get a cupcake from the CoCo Bean. I love their cupcakes. We just hung out and played together until I took a little birthday nap and then headed off to a group. After my group, Rob taught me how to ride his motorcycle. I love it! I want a motorcycle so badly now.

After learning how to ride a bike, Charity took me to dinner at Craigo's. She planned a surprise party for me with my favorite people there. I loved it. For ya'll who know about my farmville addiction, one of my friends got me a farmiville gift certificate, along with yummy chocolates. Gotta love it.

After dinner, it was off to my apartment for cake and ice cream. Earlier in the day, Charity and I made funfetti cupcakes colored orange and pink. We swirled the colors together and they turned out beautiful. We played and laughed at my apartment. It was a fun night.

I really did have a great day. It was crazy, fun, and busy. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday. Charity has more pictures from my actual birthday. When I get them on my computer, I will post more.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you had such a great day. Birthday's are supposed to be the best!

Robert and Charity said...

Birthdays are my favorite!! I think it is one of the best days of the year! I will let you borrow my sim card so you can get those pictures, they are just taking way too long to do on this computer!

Renee and Jake said...

I am glad it was a great birthday...we all deserve them. Love you and miss you too.