Monday, August 3, 2009

Another assignment

So in one of my classes we had to read a love poem that made life seem like all roses and a reply to the poem that was more realistic. The teacher made the boys write love poems with a idealistic view and wanted the girls to write a poem in response with a more realistic view. This was mine.

The Poem I responded to:
My Girl
Matt Zollinger
Come with me and be my girl
And together we can travel the world
We can take our time and worries flee
While we hop from coast to coast in glee

We'll catch some rays in the heat
And watch the Yankees hit 500 feet
And watch a game at each ball park
Before we both go the way of bark

Together we will go through school
And show to your parents that I'm not a fool
As we live our life of glam and ritz
We'll own our dream house equipped with a ditch

So come with me and be my girl
And we will live in a perfect whirl
Our children will be kind and straight
And no one could us hate

My Response:
Reply to My Girl
Rebekah Eaton
Traveling the world would be fun,
Until someone robbed us with a gun.
Then you'd find nothing funny,
And we'd be stranded with no money.

The sun would give me skin cancer,
Then to my parents you must answer.
The Yankees spend too much cash,
I'd rather watch the Sox's winning bash.

Attending school only makes you lame.
Hollywood is where you must go for fame.
And if you never find a job,
You'd be left alone to sob.

I won't bring children in a world with no bliss,
So say goodbye to that idea with a kiss.
And if this should be our fate,
You I must always hate.


Sandra said...

Beck, I loved it. It is so clever. I don't agree with either poem but I loved the idea. You always seem to have such fun assignments. Can't wait to see you!

Renee and Jake said...

Your poem is way better than mine ever would be. You are a good writer