Sunday, August 23, 2009 isn't everything

Let's face it; no girl wants to marry a poor boy. I never have. I still really don't plan on it. Money doesn't buy happiness, but is sure is nice to have. I have always imagined myself living in a cabin in the mountains or a quaint house with a white picket fence. However, lately I have had this re-occurring dream. I initially classified it as a nightmare. However, the more the dream occurs the more ok I am with it. There is really no story line to the dream. The dream is simple. I grow up and end up living in the middle of nowhere. I live in a 1970's style trailer in the middle of a huge field. There are not trees around. I am simple surrounded by space. My dream doesn't come with a husband or even a dog! What's a girl to do though? I am actually accepting the dream and realize that I don't have to have a ton of lavash things to be happy. I think I could be just as happy in my tin trailer as I could be in my log cabin. It is all how you see things. I'd still prefer my cabin but I bet Mike could get me a good deal on a mobile home.

Just imagine this pic without the trees and lots of grass around. Then you can have a general idea of what my dream is all about.


Sandra said...

Beck, you are right, money can't buy happiness. I always imagined myself doing very different things than I'm currently doing, but for the most part, I am happy.

Renee and Jake said...

You make me smile.