Monday, August 10, 2009

I Love Boys!

So I was thinking today of how much I love boys. I love all different types of boys and I plan on telling you why.
I love bad boys. Their is something exciting about doing daring things. Will you get caught or not. I also put boys with bikes in this category. I love riding on motorcycles. I know how dangerous they are and the dangers of not wearing a helmet. I really don't care though. I like holding on to the boy in front of me and feeling the wind blow through my hair. It really gives me a sense of freedom and makes me feel like somewhat of a rebel.
I love nerds. Yep, I said it. Nerds are awkward at time but it is cute. I like being out with a smart boy. I feel like they will succeed in life. I I also like teasing the nerd. I am a big nerd myself, so I can identify with many of their dorky ways.
I love country boys. I like country accents and big trucks. Since I was a little girl I have always loved the outdoors. When I think of a country boy, I think of going fishing or camping for a date. Those would be fun dates. I also like mudding in their big trucks and going on a four wheelers. I just have to be careful not to show them all my mad country skills. Don't want to intimidate them. Country boys are also usually strong and know a little about everything. Let's face it, muscles are hot.
I love the funny boy. I like to laugh. I have to appreciate when a boy can make me laugh over anything and is a little crazy. The funny isn't scared to play silly games at the park or go trick or treating at Halloween dressed up in crazy costumes.

Boys really are fun. I hope I can find one that has a little bit of every type of boy in him. Until then, I'll enjoy them all!

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Sandra said...

I just so happen to love boys too. I especially like the ones that like me back. That can't be beat. I have learned that I don't like mean boys. I'm sticking with the nice ones.