Monday, August 10, 2009

Charity's Married

I got to go home to Tennessee this weekend. I love Tennessee. It is home and always will be. Every time I go home it is super hard to come back to Idaho. I have recently been thinking about teaching out of the country when I finish school. When I went home it really pulled at my heartstrings and I got to thinking that teaching in Tennessee might be what I end up doing. I really do love the south and fried food!
The reason I went home was for my baby sister's, Charity's, wedding. I have had a hard time with her getting married because she is five years younger than me. However, I am grateful that she found someone that she can spend her forever with. The wedding was beautiful. My whole family was able to be in the temple. It was nice. The wedding and reception were beautiful. Mom, Mike, and Renee' did a beautiful job with the reception. My only complaint was that it was so hot outside. Taking pictures was miserable. After the sealing we all went to Fat Larry's to eat. I love bar-b-q! I am definitely a meat eater.
On Friday night the family had a bar-b-q and pool party. I had a lot of fun at the pool. I really didn't plan on swimming but I did it. The water temperature was perfect. I did my very first dive at the pool. Diving really does scare me. Something about hitting the water head first doesn't seem save. Butt Busters are much safer and make huge splashes which are always fun. All the kids got in the pool and it was fun throwing them around. I was super nervous about the trying to go to the deep end though. Those babies are growing up though and becoming more independent.
That is a quick summary of my weekend. It ended all too soon. I wish I could see all my family more. I really do love them so much and I am glad we have a new member of our family. I don't know how much better life could have got better than this weekend. Family and friends really do make life enjoyable.


Sandra said...

We are so glad that you got to visit. It is always fun to have the family around each other. It can be stressful but always worth it.

Renee and Jake said...

You need to visit more.

Michael and Amy said...

thanks again for bringing chloe home! it was a good weekend!!

Banara said...

I can't believe Charity got married! I didn't even know she was engaged. Boy do you miss a lot when you don't have the internet.