Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunshine and Windy Days

Could it be, is it even possible? Yes it is! The weather is actually nice in Idaho! Today has been the first, well what I'd consider the first, warm day of the year. It is perfect. The temperture is 66 degrees and the wind is blowing.

I went to church and was pleasantly surprised at the fact that I did not need a coat. The only problem is that the wind blowing doesn't go so well with girls wearing dresses. You see, you must be cautious to make sure your dress doesn't blow over your head. Those who have lived where the wind blows know these facts. After church, Charity and I rode our bicycles around the neighborhood. That was especially nice. Charity came inside and since I hadn't had enough of the sunshine I took Seth on a bike ride as well. It feels like forever since the since my skin has felt the sun rays hit it. I must confess that I love the Vitamin D. I feel so rejuvinated. Did I spell that right. Yeah, so maybe this site needs a spell check on everything posted. That is my spill for the day. I hope that we have many more days like this over the summer and that it doesn't snow here again for at least another seven months!


The Farrells said...

Your eyes look beautiful in this picture. Syd is beautiful as always.

Sandra said...

It's actually cold here today. I wonder if Kara and James brought the cold with them!