Saturday, April 12, 2008

If I could change the world

If I could change the world...
The roads would never ice over.
People would be more open minded.
You could eat as much junk food as you'd like and never gain a pound.
There would be true equality among everyone.
We'd still have troubles but we'd be able to see all the positive things that come from them, even if the only thing we gained was the knowledge of what happiness verses sorrow is.
No girl would ever have to know what it is to have a broken heart.
Everyone would smile.
Every child would have good parents and no one would ever be abused in any form or fashion. Mothers would nourish their children and fathers would provide in every family.
No one would have to fight demeans from mental disorders.
Every time you felt the wind on your face or the sun shine on your skin you would appreciate it instead of wishing the wind wouldn't blow because you just spent an hour on your hair.
We could always smell wonderful things like freshly baked cookies, honeysuckle, or a bouquet of flowers and never loose appreciation for it.
More people would have positive outlooks on things and no one would be depressed.
Everyone who has ever felt alone whould know that they are not alone and be able to feel that unconditional love that someone, somewhere has for them.
Education would be offered to everyone in the world and it would be placed at an higher importance.
College would be free.
Every woman who has ever wanted to be a mother could be and have a great family. I hate how some women have children and neglect them while others have stable homes and try for years to have children or adopt and can't.
When it rains/snow we would stop and just soak in the beauty of it all and be grateful that we have the needed moisture for survival.

These are just a few spur of the moment thoughts. I am curious what you guys would do if you could change the world. I am sure that some of my thoughts could have a huge negative outcome but I like to think that none of them would. I really appreciate the beautiful world we live in and I am enjoying everything coming to life this spring. It is nice.

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