Saturday, April 5, 2008

Nails are officially Painted

Yesterday I was in a shopping mood. I went to Wal Mart to simply pic up the groceries needed to make hamburgers for dinner but it turned into a mini excursion. After I finished with groceries I decided that I needed some shampoo and conditioner. No biggy there. Then as I was passing past cosmetics I decided to browse to see if there were any good deals on mascara or eye liner...I'm almost out and was suddenly distracted when I discovered all the beautiful nail polish colors. Did you know that they are making nail poslish sticks now? You don't even have to dip the brush in the polish. You simply just push a button and the polish dispenses as needed. I though that these were pretty cool but they were like seven dollars a peice. I almost bought one...but then I thought, "Why buy one expensive one when I can buy three cheap ones?" So I settled for a orange, pink, and red nail polish!

I got home and felt the need to immediantly paint my nails. You see, it has been a super long time since I have painted my nails. I disposed of all my nail polished and nail polish remover about a year or so ago and I haven't messed with the stuff since. I went on this huge girl kick this week. I got my hair cut about a week or so ago (I love the new cut) and I am trying to do my make up and hair more often. Why not paint my nails too? I am usually so discouraged with nail paint because I am too impatient for it to dry and mess it up immediantly. This time my finger nails and toe nails were both painted successfully. I feel like I should get a ton more of grooming supplies. So I know this is my secong blog in one day but I just wanted to write about this exciting transformation. I am going to start looking like a rockstar at all times!


Sandra said...

I like it. If feels nice to look good. I had fun on my visit! Love you.

The Farrells said...

I have taken u putting flowers on my nails. While polish is a great investment for that. Also, I rarely bite my nails now. Some times I feel tempted and then remember sticking my finger to help Will poo. NASTY!!!!