Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm Officially Upset!

So I bought an airline ticket tonight for me to fly home to TN and visit! I am super psyched about my trip. Amy and Mike decided to let Seth tag along. I am even more excited about this concept. So I try to book him a ticket on priceline and they told me that I couldn't add him on because that would be changing my ticket! I can't add him on by himself because he is a minor. I am so mad. So I have been on hold with the airline I am flying through for about 30 minutes. Talk about being mad! The results: I got a hold of Unitied Airlines and they told me to just book Seth as an adult and then call them and tell them he was a minor traveling with me. I am so glad that the lady on the phone was able to help me out! This whole concept is still super upsetting to me but at least it has a happy ending....Well I guess we will see about happy after I finish flying with a four year old.


The Farrells said...

Well I am just glad you are coming.

Sandra said...

I am so happy about you and Seth coming!