Monday, April 14, 2008

Logan Utah

So, Charity is getting ready to fly home to TN tomorrow. I didn't want her to have to take a shuttle and I wanted to spend a little time with her before she left for home. I got both wishes when I decided to drive her down to Logan today. I must confess I had another motive that was selfish. I wanted to see the Logan Temple. I remember the first time I even saw a picture of the Logan Temple. I was in Young Women's and we were learning about temple marriage and of its importance.

The teacher brought mini pictures of all the temples around the world and let us pick the one we would like to be married in. In turn she let us take the picture of that temple home with us. I was in awe when I saw the picture of the Logan Temple. Something about it captivated me. I even scrapbooked my picture and wrote a caption under it that it would be the temple I would be married in. I had almost put that dream away until I saw it again today. Once again it captivated me. I fell in love with that temple all over again. I was sad that it was a Monday and the temple was closed. I will have to go again when it is open so I can go inside and more fully appreciate it. I don't know what it is about that temple in particular that grabs my attention but I do know that I want to always be worthy to enter such beautiful and breathtaking buildings. They are truly houses of our Lord and King!

I thought this would be a funny pic and all with me frowning a pointing out that there is still no ring on my left hand.


Sandra said...

It's even better at night time or when the flowers are in bloom. It is a beautiful temple.

The Farrells said...

My girls would go crazy for your necklace. Your make up looks good, I love the colors, they are soft and natural. I use to think I wanted to marry in DC but in the end it does not really matter which temple it happens in.

KEAT said...

How fun! Thanks for watching the kids:) love ya