Monday, February 9, 2009

What is Love?

With Valentine's day quickly approaching I wanted to write a little about love. There are tons of songs about it. It seems like the majority of movies portray it in some shape, form, or fashion. Yet I am twenty four years old and still do not feel like I have found the true meaning of love. I know that there are various types. You can say you love a piece of art but that does not mean you love it the same way you love your family member. I am sure that parents love their children different than they love their very own siblings. Then there is romantic love. What can you say about that? I feel like most people search their whole lives to find this type of love. Some people are so very fortunate to find it. Some find it and let it go, while others find it and are wise enough to hold on to with all their strength. It bothers me, the people who find it and let it go! It isn't the fact that they let it go that bothers me it is the fact on how they are able to find it again! I wish there were and easy formula for love. It might be like this: (1)Boy meets girl (2)Girl flirts a little with boy (3)Boy likes all of girls attention (4)Boy asks girl on date (5)Girl and boy fall in love (6) They live happily ever after. Unfortunately for me love and life are not this easy. Maybe I am a little discouraged because I always imagined myself being married at this age. Then it seems like all these girls that are younger than me have found their prince charming. This is really hard for me...I want to yell out, "What about me, haven't I earned my prince charming yet??" I feel like I go to church, I participate in activities, I have been to school and am going back to school...what else do I need to do??? So yes, maybe I am a little bitter that I am 24 and single! Honestly I think the thing that bothers me most is that lately I have realized how much I really just want to me a mom and I have come to the realization that this might not be a realistic goal for me. It really is frustrating. I guess I will just have to be patient and wait things out but I am not a patient girl at all. We'll see what happens in my life. Anyways I hope everyone has a great Valentine's day. Thanks for reading my brief period of venting.


Sandra said...

Becky, I sure do love you and you know I know exactly how you feel. Just remember that we have a loving Heavenly Father and in His infinite wisdom knows all things good for you. Yes there are days that are more frustrating than others but life is good. Your formula is exactly how it does work I just usally don't make it to the fall in love step but it'll happen and it will happen for you. I know it will. Life is tough but you are an Eaton so I know your a lot tougher. If you need to vent about love you are more than welcome to call me. I have a few complaints myself!

Chare said...

Beck...I know it will happen for you. Just know that Heavenly Father knows best. Don't be discouraged because you are beautiful and smart and you are going to make a great mom one day! Im glad youre able to be here with me and be my friend...Girl, you take care of me! I love you so much and if you ever need to talk, you know Im here!!

Renee and Jake said...

I do not know what to say but you will be a good mom when you become one. Love you