Monday, January 19, 2009

Nieces and Nephews....Gotta Love Them

I never really thought of myself as a kid person. To be honest I don't think many people see me as one today. It is true that I still have a hard time with kids at times but I am so blessed to have so many wonderful nieces and nephews. I love them so much and I am very sad that I don't have any here in Idaho to play with anymore. Kids see things in such an innocent perspective. I love hearing some of my older nieces and nephews opinions. Ginny has such a soft heart. She is so loving and considerate. I think she is always thinking of others. I really love hanging out with her! Sandra was just telling me about a special gift that Ginny wanted to give her and Ginny was willing to empty out her savings account to purchase that gift for Sandra. Seth is so logical. I love it! He seems to try to find an explanation for everything. Seth also has a very giving heart. Over Christmas he drank a HUGE glass of chocolate milk for five dollars (and I am sure had a pretty big tummy ache afterwords) and he chose to spend the five dollars on presents for everyone. Aubree, Aubree, Aubree. I think she is sometimes misunderstood. I adore her as well. I find Aubree quite funny. I think she is still actively figuring out the world around her. She will say some of the most random things and for that I love her. I also love how she loves talking on the phone and just like her big sister, she is always willing to give you advice. FYI her advice usually isn't that bad. Sydney is growing up quickly and is developing quite the personality. She loves princesses and just like most little girls do, I am sure she still has the dream of growing up to become one! One thing that stands out to me about Sydney is that she seems to be a little perfectionist. She is also a beauty. I can't wait to see Mike fighting all the boys off of her in a few years. Seth might have to help...(Just to clarify in one sentence, I am sure the boys will be fighting over all my nieces!) And then there is Elle. She truly is a booger bum! It seems like you really have to earn Elle's affection. I felt so special when she would come to me in TN. It made it even harder to have to leave her. She just turned 2 and I was very sad to miss her birthday party. Then we have the two younger ones. Will is so cute. He is always so happy, which I have a hard time understanding because he has a few medical problems. He handles it so well. I use to think he looked like my dad but he seems to be favoring Jake a little more these days. Chloe is the newest to our family. She is my only niece/nephew that I got to see on the first day she was born. She is beautiful. From what I understand she is a good tempered baby as well! I can wait to watch her grow up! I really do love all my nieces and nephews. Without them I don't think that I would love kids as much as I do today. They are always teaching me such little, but valuable, life lessons. Kids are so smart. In a child's mind if you want something or want to do something, nothing is too hard or too impracticable. I am really starting to understand why we are suppose to be more like children as I watch my nieces and nephews and hear their parents tell stories about them. So next time life seems to be too rough or too hard try to see the world as a young child would see it!


Sandra said...

Thanks Beck, I agree, we are really lucky to have such great kids on our family. They are all so willing to love and to help others. I feel truly blessed to have them all in my life and to have them live close to me. I'm also blessed to have you as a sister.

Renee and Jake said...

Beautiful and you described everyone to a tee. Seth really is the logical and you really do have to earn Elle's affection.

Scottie said...

It's funny... I feel like I know all of the kids in y'all's family through your and Sandra's and even Charity's descriptions of them.

Cute kids.