Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 3: What Kind of Person Attracts You?

I may be boy crazy but I am also pretty picky.  Its not that I can't admire a nice looking man.  I watched THOR the other night and really enjoyed the scene when he has not shirt on.  (A must see for any lady who can appreciate a beautiful body.)  However, when it comes down to it, I only look unless the terribly attractive guy has these characteristics:
1) I know it probably doesn't have to be said but I am saying it...most importantly our religious believes have to mesh.  He needs to be a strong and faithful member of my church.
2) SMART!  I don't want to spend the rest of my life with someone I am incapable of having an intelligent conversation with.
3) SUCCESSFUL! maybe he isn't finished with college yet or maybe he has been working for years.  What ever the case I need to know that he has drive and motivation.  He has to want to continuously improve himself.  Still...I don't care if he is is college or done with school he must (and I do mean must) have a JOB!
4) HEALTHY! (but not a health nut please) So maybe when I am interested in a guy I automatically check out his veins and his neck (to see if he would more than likely be an easy intubation).  You never know if he will need a quick IV or an E.T. tube.  Then, I wonder about his family's medical history.  I don't want lots of hereditary diseases to possible be passed on to my children.  Call me crazy but I call it natural selection.
5)  FUNNY!  If I am going to be possibly spending a lot of time with a guy I need to know that he can make me laugh.  Hopefully if he can I won't be able to stay mad at him for too terribly long.
6) EAGLE SCOUT!  So, I don't know why the thought of an Eagle Scout is so attractive.  Maybe it is because I associate it with being able to do things.
7) A HANDY MAN! (but with clean nails and smooth hands please)  I am not attracted to blue collar workers as far as long term relationships go.  But, if I can find a white collar worker who is not afraid to use "blue collar" skills around the house (and knows what he is doing) I find it terribly sexy.
8) GOOD WITH KIDS!  I'll admit it...I want to be a mom one day.  Thus, I am attracted to guys who can have fun with kids and also take care of them.  I don't want my children to have slacker as a father.
9) ATTRACTIVE!  Does he have to be THOR...nah (not that I wouldn't love that)  But I do have to find him attractive. (Plus...if I have kids one day I want them to be the most attractive kids around.)

Now we know why I am still single.  Have a great day!

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