Monday, July 18, 2011

To the Fashion World

This is just a quick vent to those who design clothes and jewelry.

I love clothes and REAL jewelry. What girl doesn't? And while my taste may not be the best, I would still like to be able to dress and accessorize myself without assistance. So, may I just say that I hate how you make some jewelry impossible to clasp (necklaces and bracelets) and some dresses harder to zip due to zipper location. I cannot see the clasp of a necklace as I put it on and I cannot reach to pull up a zipper that goes all the way up my back without a struggle. So, please remember when you are designing dresses and accessories that not every girl has someone who can help her get dressed. But if you are wondering...I was able to dress myself yesterday without a struggle and look just took me a while longer to get my dress zipped and my necklace and bracelet to clasp.


Bailey said...
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Stephanie Lee Candles said...

Cute article! I like your blog.