Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Things I'll Miss

Welp, I am officially back home in Tennessee. That's right, I moved back in with the parentals. I am so excited to be back home but there are some things I will miss about Idaho. Here they are:

1) The great friends I made at college (Shane, Sven, Mike, Megs...)
2) Getting my tires rotated for free (Les Schwab)
3) Tillamook cheese and ice cream
4) Zoi Greek Yogurt
5) Winco's bulk section
6) Sarah's Candy Cottage (candy and employees)
7) Having a temple so close (literally right outside my apartment)
8) Going to class (Yes, I miss that too!)
9) Jamba Juice

But Tennessee is great! It is where my family is. I am excited to make more memories in the state I grew up in.

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