Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Break-So Far

School got out last Friday. I am glad because I really, really needed a break. Yet, my break really hasn't even started. I've been working at the candy store a ton. Not that the candy store isn't every kids dream job. All you can eat chocolate, delicious smells, and sometimes you even find yourself covered in chocolate. But, I am simply tired of making truffles nonstop and only eating chocolate. I find myself nibbling a treats I don't even love. It is like I am just eating them to eat them. I may never want to see a scale again after this week!

On the bright side of thing I fly home in less than 48 hours. I love my family. I really do believe that my family gives me so much strength. As I have gotten older I have begun to realize how important family really is. I am blessed not only to associate with the best people on the planet, but to be related to them as well!

I really do have a lot to be grateful for. Life really is grand although I don't always see all the beauty it holds. It takes talent to always pick out the best/good things in life and to not pay close attention to the negative. Things don't always go my way and that irritates me a ton. However, I believe I am being provided with the experiences I need to become the best person I am capable of becoming.

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Robert and Charity said...

tomorrow is going to be the best christmas eve ever!!! Wow. I am soooo excited. I love you!