Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I have the most amazing friends in the world! They have all taught me so much and helped me grow tons. This is actually my last week living near my three very best friends (outside of my family). So, in a week I will be taking applications for new best friends! (Joking....but seriously, call me if you wanna be BFFs.) These friends have taught me so much. I just want to list a few things I have learned from these amazing people:

1. Forgive! I had already learned this lesson but I am a grudge holder. I ex-friended one of my friends multiple times However, I was lucky that this person always forgave me and was willing to deal with my crazy.

2. Be your best self! It is okay to wear baggy clothes and not do your make-up every now and then. One must realize that these occasions should be few. My friends taught me how to love myself enough to care. Now, I try to look my best.

3. Be flexible! I learned that it doesn't always matter what I am doing as long as I am spending time with the people I love.

4. Listen! Friendships are give and take. I love how these people are always willing to listen to me and hold me when I need to be held. It is just as great as a blessing to be able to listen to them. I am glad they trust me enough to talk to me about life.

5. Laugh often! One thing I absolutely love about my friends is that we always laugh when we are around each other. I don't think I have ever been around these people and not shared lots of laughs.

6. Work Hard and Play Hard! Life is all about balance. I hated working hard to get everything done, but it was worth it to be able to be in the company of some of the best people in Rexburg.

I don't even think I could write all the things my friends taught me. Some things are too personal and other things are so significant that they are not even measurable. It will be hard watching these people move on with their lives. I hope that we find a way to always be a part of each others lives no matter how many miles we live away from each other. No matter how things turn out, these people have truly blessed my life. I believe they are part of my life for a reason. The scary part is not knowing for sure if this is the only season they will be part of my life. Like I said earlier; I hope not. But, I am a realist and know that things don't always happen or turn out the way you want them too. So, Dear Friends: I love ya'll tons and Good Luck figuring out the rest of life.


Robert and Charity said...

Lovely, just lovely!! I cant wait until I get to see you. I think you are excellent and anyone who is your friend is lucky to have you in their life. Love you becky boo!

hannapearce said...

Naww thats sweet.