Monday, February 15, 2010

Discovering What Type of Eggs I Like

It's obvious, I am 25 and single.  I don't really love this.  However, it is nice to look back and laugh when I look at all the different types of boys I have had crushes on in my life.  Let me tell ya, they've all been different.  I was talking to my sister, Sandra, about this.  She reminded me of the movie Runaway Bride.  The main character always conformed to the type of person her prospective grooms wanted.  She didn't even know what type of eggs she liked.  Then I wondered, "Do I really know what type of eggs I like, figuratively speaking?"  I really do think that part of the fun of finding your special someone is finding yourself.  Maybe that is something I need to work on before I am blessed with my eternal companion.  I don't want to conform to what he wants and then twenty years down the road realize that I hate everything about him and what I've become.  So, maybe my quest for this year shouldn't be to find my special someone; maybe it should be to discover myself.  Only then can I really engage in a fulfilling relationship. (You like how I used the word maybe next year I will find myself engaged! LOL)


Sandra said...

Someone once told me, taking advice from a single person about relationships is like taking diet advice from a fat person. But nontheless, I'm glad we get to talk to each other. I love and miss you.

Renee and Jake said...

I think single people give the best relationship advise to correct Sandra because everything goes into perspective. I so think you have to discover yourself but I am willing to bet that some areas you discover will conform to mold the other person when they come along.

Sandra said...

Also never take love advice from Renee. That's just weird.