Thursday, February 11, 2010

Catch Up

Life can be wonderfully confusing. I am continuously amazed at how complex, yet how simple, it really is. Just when I think I have it figured out, I realize that I don't. What can you do right? I was talking to Aubree yesterday and I realized the innocence and wisdom she possess. I told Aubree my little boy problems. She told me advice that I have given a many times, "Boys break your heart, but then you can eat chocolate and it will make it better." This was true but then she informed me, with great confidence, that a boy would come into my life that would never break my heart. It was impossible not to smile after that comment. She also informed me that she would postpone the Disney World trip until July so I could come with her. I love kids. I don't think there are any greater than my nieces and nephews. They always make me smile. It will be exciting to get 3 more this year. As for school, it is still keeping me incredibly busy. I don't want to go most days but I am preserving. My only other option is to drop out and I am to determined not to do that. I bought a new set of scriptures last week and started to mark them. It is exciting and I am trying to take great care to mark them well. Sandra gave me some amazing pens over Thanksgiving to do marginal notes with. I am loving them. I really love the scriptures. It was hard to part from my old set but I know I will benefit greatly from marking this new one. I also switched to AT&T for my cell phone this week. I love my new phone. No excuses for my family not to call me anymore. It is Valentine's Day this week and I am terribly excited for it. I don't have a Valentine but I love the holiday. Who knows, maybe it will be my last without one;) I am just babbling but I wanted to catch everyone up. I must be more diligent with my blogging.


Michael and Amy said...

you are a great aunt too your nieces and nephew love you tons.

Renee and Jake said...

Aubree is a can learn a lot of truths from children.