Saturday, May 23, 2009

Living My LIfe

So, life is pretty crazy for me. Most people know that I never dreamed I would in single and in school at almost 25 years old. I tease and say I am going through a quarter life crisis. I really always thought I would be finished with school and married with children by now. It is funny how life doesn't turn out how you plan. It can really throw some curve balls at you! For those who don't know, I changed my major to elementary education. I will be finished in two years. I really do love children. I think this career will be great for me because if I don't have children the children I teach will become my own and I will care for them deeply. If I am blessed enough in this life to become a mother the schedule of a teacher will be perfect for me and my family. I am thinking that I want to teach out of the country when I finish school. I think it would be nice to travel the world. I figure if I am young and single I might as well do it! Instead of complaining about being single I think I will embrace it. I have to believe that Heavenly Father will allow the right boy to find me at the right time. Because I am not patient this will be super hard. The boy better be worth my wait! Anyways, speaking of embracing being single, I got myself the best birthday present ever! I am going sky diving on Monday. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. It is something I have always wanted to do so I am doing it. I don't think I would take the risk if I had kids so this is the ideal time in my life to do it! Other than that simple fact my life is pretty mundane. I wake up, go to school, go to work, and do homework. It is kind of lame but it is what I do. I am learning to love life and to embrace every second. I will let ya'll know how my skydiving experience goes. Wish me luck!


Renee and Jake said...

Your time will come. You are brave to sky dive. I never knew you wanted to be married with kids by 25. I think it is great you are going to embrace the single life. Married life is great but is is single life. Each have their perks...enjoy the college life.

Sandra said...

Embrace it! We are so lucky to have HOPE! I love you Becky!