Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scars...A therapeutic blog

Sandra blogs because she finds it therapeutic. I am going to take a shot at it.
When I was younger, probably about ten, I had to get stitches in the bottom of my foot. I can still feel the scar. A small cut has left a mark on my body that will probably not go away during my short existence on this Earth. This got me to thinking. If a small cut can leave such a mark, what types of marks do my other actions make. These marks could be on my heart for taking a chance I shouldn't take or on my thighs for eating the whole bag of candy. It is kind of odd how everything you do in this life can leave you with some kind of mark, physical, mental, or emotional. Most adults probably have more marks then they would like. I don't think there is a way you can go throughout life without getting one or two. One thing that bothers me is that sometimes we don't let our "marks" heal. We keep picking at them and re-opening the wound. Yes, we can be self destructive like this. We can't forget about that one crush or one silly choice we made. Sometimes, we are too prideful to let our wound heal. Admitting you were wrong about something takes too much of your energy. (Especially when you're not really certain you were wrong.) Lowering your pride and doing what you should do would be like allowing yourself to get stitches (which leads to faster healing). We are complex beings. I don't know if I will ever understand myself or others. I guess that is why we are here. I heard a quote that I enjoyed. A classmate was quoting a general authority and he said something similar to this, "In a thousand years, you will look at this life like a bad experience that happened in fourth grade." I really like that quote. Time can heal all things if we let it. Sometimes letting it is the hard part.


Robert and Charity said...

Deep stuff...definitely makes you think

Sandra said...

Yea, I get that. I really liked this blog. It made me think what I am doing not to let old wounds heal. Thanks for making me think. Love ya.