Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Iron Chef

My apartment is definitely full of WINNERS! For FHE last night we had a Iron Chef competition. We were given an hour to cook a dessert with a random secret ingredient and our brothers judged us. We were kind of disgruntled that our brothers didn't cook us anything but we told them that they owed us a special treat next week. Our secret ingredient was pumpkin puree and fresh pears. Our apartment were like champs. We made a pumpkin dip and pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. We sliced the pears, along with apples and bananas, to dip in our dip. We topped the dip with homemade whipped cream. The muffins got sprinkled with powdered sugar and then got whipped cream as well. I deep fried flour tortillas (that I cut in triangles) and rolled them in a cinnamon and sugar mixture for the dip as well. Our presentation was nice. The other girls made a pumpkin dish (that didn't look edible) so we for sure won! It was really a fun activity. We rocked! Yep..we for sure deserved gold stars after our amazing performance!

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Sandra said...

I need some iron chef in my life. That sounds like a super fun activity! Love you lots.