Sunday, November 9, 2008


Halloween this year was kind of crazy. Mom got to come up to Idaho to spend time with all of us. She was initially suppose to help Mike and Amy pack up and get moved but Charity and I kind of kept her to ourselves. (Sorry Mike and Amy!) Mom and Mike were to leave for TN on Halloween and Amy and I were to head to Ogden so that she could fly to TN the following day. Because it was Halloween Amy wanted to make sure the kids got to go trick or treating. My dad wondered why they couldn't leave Idaho early and just stop at some random neighborhood on their way to TN. I guess men and women just think differently. Anyways, Charity had a costume that she gave me so I dressed up with the kids. We all went trick or treating at the mall. Little Elle even came! I was so excited to see her! I don't think she was as excited to see me though. Little stinker. After trick or treating at the mall we went to Mike's old neighborhood and went trick or treating. Seth is so practical. When the lights were out at someones house he would say, "I guess they went to bed." even if you could see where people were moving around inside and just had lights off so they didn't get trick or treaters. I think the hardest part of the night was seeing the kids go trick or treating at their old house. The people who are buying the house moved in on Halloween. After trick or treating I got to play with the kids at McDonald's for a while with was really fun. I really love those kids and I can't wait to see them in December. It will be a real treat seeing all my nieces and nephews! That was my Halloween. I can't complain...I wouldn't have chosen to spend it any other way!


Renee and Jake said...

I love that you dressed up. Must be nice to have the figure to wear that type of costume. I love Halloween because the girls get so excited to dress up. Look forward to December.

Sandra said...

I know you loved going with them. Seth is so pratical. I love all the kids so much.

Scottie said...

I think it's really cute how much all the Eaton gal's love their smallish relatives.