Sunday, March 2, 2014

Being a Big Fish in a Little Pond

The past few weeks I have really, I mean REALLY loved church.  The services, lessons, and songs have had significant lessons in them just for me.  However, today, I slacked off and skipped Sunday School. That's on the edge.  I got to talk to one of my very favorite ladies in the ward and of course the subject of my future came up.  My future...something I've been both thinking about and putting off thinking about for a while now.

Those who know me are very aware of the fact I am turning the BIG 3-0 this year.  Am I where I thought I would be at 30? Not at all.  I'm supposed to be stay-at-home mom with lots of perfect, intellectual, kids (that never ever stink or make messes), a successful husband, and a perfectly tidy house.  Yet, here I am with none of the above likely to happen in the near future.  What my future holds...Who knows?

Anyways...back to the conversation.  I was talking about where I thought I'd be and verbally expressed how perplexed I am by the fact that I am still single.  To express my confusion about being single, I made the comment that I am a pretty good catch.  I pointed out that I was attractive, smart, educated, domestic, versatile, healthy, and able to be self sufficient.  I stated that I was pretty perfect so I didn't understand why there didn't seem to be any single men casting their hooks my way.  The lady can't be caught in a pond where there are no fishers!  How profound.

So, then the question arises: How do you get fishers to fish in the pond your swimming in? Here are my thoughts...
  1. Find a new pond (i.e Long Distance Move)
    1. This is a viable options for young fish.  Those fish who haven't adapted.  For older fish, this may be easier said than done.  Plus, how does one guarantee that the fishers in other ponds will provide the right kind of bait to make one want to be caught?
  2. Find where all the other fish are hanging out
    1. The trick to this is to find where fish similar to you are hiding out.  A fisher doesn't go fishing for trout in hope to catch a bass.  This is especially hard when you are an endangered breed of fish.  There are Singles' Wards, but that isn't a promise that the fish there will want you to be part of their school or that you would even fit in with their school.
    2. The other pond would be the pond of online dating.  My sisters lovingly got me an online dating account for Christmas.  It is just a turnoff for me to meet someone online.  What happened to actually being courted?  A guy can't exactly open your car doors for you when you online dating and anyone who really knows me knows that the whole car door thing is a really, really big deal for me.
  3. Enjoy being the best fish in the pond and boast about the skills and awkwardness it takes to refrain from being caught.
    1. This is the safest and most comfortable option.  This seems to be the option I am happiest with.  Subconsciously this fish seems to like being unique and different.  This fish seems to purposely be avoiding being caught. Yet, "You can't grow in a comfort zone and you can't be comfortable in a growth zone."
Now that I've expressed my random and jumbled thoughts I am genuinely curious what others' thoughts are.


Anonymous said...


You are one of the most beautiful and amazing women I have ever met your quIte a catch for any man and will one day be a wonderful mother and wife. Just beause there are not many fishers fishing in your pond does not mean you are in the wrong place it just means the ones that are will be more in tune with the best kind of fishing. Sometimes fishing take patience as in life it doesn't come easy. Sometimes our paths cross at one point in our lives and we have to wait for them to perfectly align never change who you are and always be yourself that is the best you and the man that is lucky enough to see how amazing you are will end up with the trophy fish every fisherman likes to brag to his friends about. Never doubt yourself or if your not doing enough or doing to much your amazing and sweet and beautiful and caring that's who you are and that is what is so amazing about you.

Dustin Armstrong

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