Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thoughts about Ether

 I finished the book of Ether today.  I am almost finished reading the Book of Mormon this year.  I try to read it at least once a year.  Anyways, today as I was reading I was struck by Coriantumr's reaction when he noticed that his people were really going to be destroyed because he chose not to repent.  He mourned but, "would not be comforted." (See Ether 15:3)  I can only imagine the sadness that comes with seeing men, women, and children fighting until death and their bodies heaped upon the Earth.  Yes, I visualize the wars every time I read about them.  It makes scripture study so much more exciting!

Although my trials in life are nowhere near compared to Coriantumr's and I am pretty sure I make better choices than he made I often wonder how often I refuse to be comforted.  How many times are we told in Isaiah that "His hand is stretched out still" no matter what.  I have struggled with some things lately and I wonder if I would be struggling so much if I allowed myself to be comforted.  I wonder if how my attitude towards myself and others would differ if I swallowed my pride.

I am going to try to allow myself to be comforted.  Maybe then will I embrace the great things in my life and the not so great things won't seem as significant.

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