Sunday, May 13, 2012


I saw this quote on a sign today and thought of my mom:

"Goodly mothers give life and then teach their children how to live it."

Even though I have been reminded more than once in my life that I was an "accident" and my mom cried when she found out she was preggo with me (not tears of joy) I think my mom is thankful she gave me life.  At least, I hope she is.  If carrying me in her womb for nine months and birthing me wasn't enough, she has taught me how to live. Here are a few examples of how:
  • Mom  taught me how to laugh at the crazy things in life.  Unfortunately, I still inherited my dad's dry sense of humor.
  • Mom taught me the importance of family and continues to do so.  Mom loves her family to be around and I don't know if anything makes her happier than all her children and grandchildren being around her at one time.   She loves family and makes family a top priority.  
  • Mom taught me how to serve those in need.  Although her service is often done behind closed doors she is constantly serving others.  
  • Mom taught me to be clean.  Let's be honest, I definitively didn't get my OCD clean traits from my dad.
  • Mom taught me to believe in myself.  I remember when I would have rough days in primary school or even in college.  Mom reminded me that I was "special" (hopefully not in a mentally handicapped way) and that I could do anything I put my mind too.
  • Mom taught me to cook.  I still haven't reached my mom's status when it comes to making cornbread or banana pudding but I plan on giving her a run for her money one of these days.
  • Mom taught me how to be a true friend.  My mom has always been there for other people and her children.  She is concerned for the welfare of others and is always willing to give a listening ear. She will also give advice rather you want it or not.
  • Mom taught be how to be opinionated.  Actually, she taught this to all of her kids.  This can be why family gatherings can be somewhat interesting at times.  Still, she taught me how to stand up for myself and what I believe.  Standing up for what you believe can be hard in this crazy world we live in today, but she made sure I had a backbone.
  • Mom taught me the importance of following my dreams. Mom never went to college but she made sure all her children did in order to follow their dreams in their chosen profession.  I love hearing her brag about how proud she is of all six of her children.
  • Mom taught me how to love.  Mom has the biggest heart of anyone I know.  She cares for those around her and truly "mourns with those that mourn."  I think I am a big squish when it comes down to it because of her.
In short, my mom rocks.  She makes me laugh and I love the memories I have made with her over the years.  She is a wonderful woman  with an infinite amount of wonderful characteristics.  Yes, she can be a bit crazy but I still aspire to become like her one day. 

Here's to the mom's who love their family and teach their children how to "live" and truly embrace life!

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