Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

I really do love Valentine's Day and I am convinced that I don't tell myself that to make myself feel better on this day.  Yes, I have dated some pretty lame guys, and by lame I mean jerks (and that is putting it mildly).  Still, I am not going to let their choices dictate how I feel about celebrating love and relationships!

I won't lie, I haven't always loved Valentine's Day and it is rare that I have a legit boyfriend on Valentine's Day (and even if I did, I'd hope he wouldn't need an excuse, such as a holiday, to do something nice/sweet for me).  Still, I have the most amazing family and friends who never fail to let me know that I am loved.  They never fail to get me delicious treats, stuffed animals, and/or chocolates.

This year I was bummed out because I missed my class's Valentine's party due to being sick.  Still, when I returned back to work I had the some sweet Valentines sitting on my desk from my students.  Then, yesterday when I came home I had flowers waiting for me in my favorite vase.

Today,  Valentine's Day, one of my favorite students brought me a orange rose.  Orange is one of my favorite colors.  After work I got to go and WOD, which may be one of my favorite things ever.  Then, I got to end my evening with chocolate covered strawberries.

Really, does life get any better?  Why, yes it does.  My four year old nephew asked me to be his Valentine and is taking me on a date this weekend.  I am super excited to get to spend some time with him.  He is a little stud.

So, you don't need to have a "significant other" to love Valentine's Day.  I'm glad I am single on this holiday so I can more fully appreciate how much others love me instead on focusing on the commercial appeal of just trying to do something to prove my love to someone else.  

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's Day and focused on all the small things in life that let you know you are loved.  Also, I hope you took the opportunity to show those you love you love them by small acts of service.  When you look for the positive and take the time to do something nice for someone else, you can't help but to love life!


Katie B. said...

Amen sister! The only thing I like about this 'holiday' is it is a day centered around showing ALL that you love, that you love them.

Anonymous said...

How fun. I loved my first Valentine's Day with my class too. Kids make the holidays so much more fun. Especially holidays like St. Patrick's Day when I never really did anything anyways. I miss you friend.