Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why I love Crossfit!

I have been doing Crossfit for almost three months and I am slightly addicted even though I stay sore (but it is a good and accomplished type of sore)!  I hate it when something in life comes up that makes me miss a WOD (workout of the day).  Here are some reasons why I love the "cult" called Crossfit:

1) Skinny doesn't matter because "Strong is the new skinny."
2) As soon as you begin you are accepted into the Crossfit family.  You always have a support system to push you along when you are ready to quit in the middle of a workout.
3) It pushes you to your own personal limits and you see results as you beat your own personal records.
4) You feel strong every time you lift weights!
5) It increases your confidence...not only at the box (aka gym) but in every other aspect of life as well.
6) Bacon is not considered a fat in the Crossfit diet!
7) The workouts are always varying.  I never get board with them. 
8)  I legitly hate the workouts when I am doing them.  However, after the workout I think "That sucked but it was so much fun!" I know that is an oxymoron.
9) The ratio of trainers to clients is small.  Thus, when I go to workout I know the trainers will be able to give the attention I need without being overbearing to make sure I am doing the movements right.
10) Every movement works more than one muscle.  Think about it, when you go to most other gyms you isolate each muscle when working out.  It saves time working out multiple muscles with one movement/exercise.  The movements/exercises are also natural movements.  
 During a WOD.  See the look of pain on my face.
What I look like after a WOD. 


Anonymous said...

I found out about crossfit on pinterest. I was wondering what it was. I don't think they have it in idaho. I have been training for a hal-marathon in florida at Disneyworld and I am so excited. Girl you rock. Miss you so so much.

Stirring Trouble said...

Gosh Beke that looks heavy on behalf of Stirring Trouble Internationally I wish you and your future all the best.