Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Very Fun Weekend!

I love the 4th of July. It is pretty much my favorite holiday. Parades, sunshine, grilling out, ice cream, and fireworks--what more could a girl ask more? (Don't answer that question.) My weekend was full of fun. After work on Friday night, I went over a friend's house and played night games. Saturday morning I went to the Rexburg parade. It was so cold! By cold, I mean 55 degrees and very windy. The 4th of July is supposed to be warm, but it wasn't :(. That wasn't going to be a day ruin-er for me though. After the parade, I went to a bbq. Grilled out foods are bomb. That night, I ate with mom and Charity. We went to the fireworks on the Snake River. They were so beautiful. There is something about fireworks that almost make me believe in magic, almost. I feel as if I two again and all my dreams really will come true.

On Sunday, I spent the morning with Charity. That evening was filled with a water fight, dinner, and (you guessed it) more fireworks. These fireworks were unique though. It was put on by a group in Idaho Falls who protested to keep the 4th on the 4th. I felt as if I were at the Boston Tea Party. The people were yelling and screaming because, "This is proof that one person could make a difference." The fireworks weren't amazing, but they were fireworks.

On Monday I went swimming in a lake. It was kind of chilly, but it was fun. Everyone loves a relaxing day in the sun. Monday night I went to a carnival and more fireworks. They were right over my head and filled the sky as I laid under them. It was nice. Mom came with me Monday. She is way cute.

I really do enjoy having mom in town. I know she misses home and is so sad she isn't with all her grandchildren there. It is such a blessing to have her out here. Charity is really glad she is around too.

That was a brief overview of my weekend. In short, it was amazing! I am so glad to live in this amazing country and for all the freedoms we enjoy. We really are blessed.

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Renee and Jake said...

I love the 4th too!!!!! I missed seeing real firework shows.